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Gaia crashes on USB insert?!

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Gaia crashes on USB insert?!

Postby peanutismint » Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:05 pm

This is an odd one - as I use a Macbook Pro as my main machine, I only have 2 x dedicated USB ports (don't really like using hubs too much!) and, as such, I unplug my Gaia's USB connection when I'm not using it. However, strange things happen when the Gaia is not plugged in to a USB source. If you leave the cable in, it seems to 'crash' or freeze; none of the buttons are responsive and any notes played while you disconnect it from the computer are held on.....

This is annoying as I have to unplug it at the keyboard end as well as the computer end every time I want to use it 'standalone'.

Is anyone else finding this?

Also my MIDI controller keyboard which I have plugged into the Gaia via MIDI lead is also making some very strange things happen all of a sudden - it was fine last week - could these things be related??!
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Re: Gaia crashes on USB insert?!

Postby Grauw » Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:54 am

Well your particular case I can’t reproduce… Whether you unplug it at the GAIA’s end or at the computer’s end shouldn’t make a difference, that’s pretty odd. Have you tried a different USB cable?

But yeah it can be a bit crashy, especially when turning it on… A few days ago it wouldn’t turn on properly while connected to my suspended (or off, I don’t recall) computer, however I tried just now and didn’t have the problem, although it did crash as the computer went into suspended mode. I have the feeling that the USB circuit inside the GAIA is very sensitive to power and timing fluctuations, and can crash if things aren’t exactly as it expects. Also given the flaky USB key support, etc…

Either way, I got it connected to my PC all the time, and for me it’s mostly a minor annoyance, not common enough to be bothersome. Still, I hope that Roland’ll release a firmware update at some point in the future, where they make this a little more stable.
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Re: Gaia crashes on USB insert?!

Postby peanutismint » Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:58 am

Thanks for the input - as an update I should mention that I usually had the USB plugged into my Mac, which today went into the shop for a repaid - I installed the SH-01 drivers on my Windows machine and the problem seems to have disappeared! :D It just likes to be plugged into things, what can I say?!
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Re: Gaia crashes on USB insert?!

Postby Rigil » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:07 pm

I noticed this when I first got the Gaia. It plays random notes, if I switch it on and then switch on the computer.
I guess I don't notice it now, as I always turn my windows pc on first.

A strange anomaly of a sensitive usb interface perhaps, or maybe a good tune trying to get out and be heard :D
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